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Student Work Samples for Consumer Sense Task

These samples of student work for the Consumer Sense Task’s item 5 were used by a coach as part of her formative assessment lesson. Teachers may find them useful as examples to help students develop understanding of what constitutes a good mathematical explanation.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy

Initial Sort of Student Work Samples Template

Before beginning formal scoring of a task, teachers often find it helpful to get a holistic sense of how students did by using a simple template such as this to sort papers into general categories of high, medium, and low success.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy

Identifying the Mathematics and Anticipating Issues

This planning template guides teachers as they plan to implement performance tasks with students—helping them consider prerequisite knowledge and potential areas of struggle, in terms of both content and practices.

SOURCE: Building Educator Assessment Literacy


Consumer Sense Rubric

This rubric identifies the core elements of performance required by the Consumer Sense Task, specifies the criteria for earning points for each section of the task, and highlights the Standards for Mathematical Practice students are likely to use in working on the task.

SOURCE: Silicon Valley Math Initiative

Consumer Sense Task

This mathematics performance task, discussed by the teacher and coach in Clarifying Intended Learning in Mathematics: Analyze Task & Plan, involves comparing three Internet plan options. Students create equations for each of the plans and determine which plans are most cost-effective under which circumstances.

SOURCE: Silicon Valley Math Initiative